Domiciliary Care Home Inspection

Domiciliary Care Home Inspection REF#42417RFP5AAA

The provider shall assure that

First aid supplies such as bandages, adhesive tape, band-aids, slings, cotton, sterile dressings, antiseptics, safety pins and scissors, are available in the home.

The telephone number of the local fire department, police, poison control and ambulance serving the home is posted by the telephones.

A minimum of one operational fire extinguisher is located on each occupied floor, with at least one fire extinguisher located in the kitchen and cooking area, unless otherwise prescribed by the local fire inspecting authority. The Dom Care home provider and each staff person shall be trained to use the fire extinguishers.

A written plan is available for evacuation of the building in case of fire or other emergency, and the clients and residents of the home are not aware of the plan.

Fire drills are conducted at least quarterly and a written record listing the time and date of the drills shall be kept by the provider. Annually, at least one fire drill shall be conducted without prior notice to clients.

Proper safeguards are taken against the fire hazards involved in smoking. For example, ashtrays and special smoking areas and non-smoking areas shall be provided.

Firearms kept on the premises are stored in a locked area which is inaccessible to clients.

Containers of poisonous, caustic, toxic, flammable or other dangerous materials kept in the home are prominently and distinctly marked or labeled as hazardous and stored in an area that is inaccessible to clients. The use and storage of these materials may not constitute a hazard to the clients.

Combustible trash is stored in fire resistant containers.

Fireplaces are securely screened when in use.

Portable space heaters are not used. If non-portable electric baseboard space heaters are used, they shall be installed with permanent connectors and protectors.

Domiciliary Care is a protected living arrangement in the community which includes room and board plus personal care services and supervision for adults 18 years of age or older who cannot live independently because of their functional limitations, yet who do not require 24 hour institutional or nursing care.

The program offers a supportive, homelike environment as an alternative to the larger group settings available in Personal Care Homes.

Ongoing Care Management activities are a joint responsibility of Area Agency on Aging Care Management staff and staff from the Luzerne/Wyoming Counties Mental Health/Developmental Services Programs. The homes are certified by the Agency and must meet rigorous fire, safety, health, sanitation and program standards. They are recertified annually to assure that they continue to meet the required standards. There are currently three (3) consumers placed in the Agency’s two (2) Domiciliary Care Homes.


The AAA will forward a list of Domiciliary Care homes to be inspected to the inspector at least thirty (30) days in advance of the date(s) due.

Inspections will be done in accordance with the Pennsylvania Code, Title 6., Department of Aging, Chapter 21., Domiciliary Care Services, § 21.27., Domiciliary care home certification and recertification standards; § 21.30., Special program and recertification standards for domiciliary care homes with four or more clients; and § 21.79., Fire and safety standards.

The inspection will also include documentation that the following items have been completed at the time of the inspection:
Documentation of an “Annual Fire Inspection” § 21.27 (12),
Documentation of a written building evacuation plan § 21.79 (4),
Documentation that quarterly fire drills have been conducted § 21.79 (5),
If utilizing a private water supply, documentation of annual water test § 21.27 (5),
If utilizing a private sewerage system, annual documentation that the septic tank is in working order and has been pumped out within the past three (3) years § 21.27 (7).

Inspector shall also provide proof of Homeowners Insurance, verification that First Aid and CPR Certifications are current and the provider has a current Physical exam including a TB test.

A complete written report of the inspection including a completed and signed Attachment 2 checklist and copies of all documentation will be provided to the AAA within 10 working days of the inspection. The report can and should include any recommendations or suggestions for continued certification of the Domiciliary Care home.


Service Area…………..Luzerne & Wyoming Counties

Type of Contract…………..Fixed Rate per Inspection

# Contracts to be Awarded……….To be Determined

Service Units to be contracted………5 (approximate) Inspections

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